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Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals educated in the assessment and treatment of conditions involving physical movement, posture, muscle, joint or ligament pain or injury, and chronic pain syndromes. They are trained to evaluate your condition and to develop and implement a treatment program to resolve it.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for pain control and healing of injured tissues. It is also useful in the treatment of seasonal allergies, headaches, migraines, low energy levels and energy imbalances. Physiotherapy and acupuncture work well together to stimulate the healing process, setting you on the road to recovery.


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Pam Tarves Dip, AFCI, MCPA, MBCP is a registered Physiotherapist educated at the University of Saskatchewan and at the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. Pam has over 20 years experience with physiotherapy and acupuncture and has worked in Nanaimo for more than 10 years. All patients welcome!


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As a health care professional, I have had the privilege of knowing Pam for over 30 years. Her patients have always been her number one priority and she consistently gives 150%. Pam is committed to giving the best care to her patients, always tailoring her treatments to what patients truly need to get on with their lives.

Susan Muirhead, BPT, MSA, Healthcare Consultant

Pam's mixture of acupuncture and manual physiotherapy has always been a winning combination for my aches and pains. Pam is approachable and explains questions thoroughly, and I am never left with uncertainty about my treatment. I certainly recommend Tarves Physiotherapy for both manual physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Thank you, Kristine Mustard

My husband suffered from long term back and shoulder pain until he finally felt relief, thanks to Pam's expertise. Seeing him so happy again encouraged me to go to Pam to help my pelvis get back into proper alignment. I was so happy with the results that we told my in-laws and our friends to go for a treatment with Pam. Pam has the knowledge and the expertise to help you enjoy every day with less pain.

Leah & Ray Bradford, Nanaimo, BC
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